F.A.Q. - Frequently asked questions

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We are alway available for a quick chat or email to answer any of your questions.
Please see below for quick answers to some of our most often asked questions.

Q: What is your minimum / maximum capacity?
A: We can accommodate from 0 - 100 guests...and have no minimum guest count
*We are currently working with a reduced capacity due to Covid-19 government mandates.

Q: Is our preferred date available?
A: Please contact us for all of our available dates

Q: Can we bring our own alcohol?
A: Yes, we assist with all the logistics and our bar staff will serve you and your guests

Q: Why does Canvas offer a "bring our own alcohol" policy?
A: Simple. This policy allows our couples to save on a major element of their budget. Other venues and their "open bar" packages make the bulk of their profit selling you more alcohol than any human could (safely) consume. That doesn't seem right to us.

Q: Do you permit outside catering services?
A: No. Canvas is proud of our reputation. We do not allow outside catering services.

Q: Do you allow wedding ceremonies on-site?
A: Yes, you can have your ceremony inside our venue.

Q: Are your packages all-inclusive?
A: Yes, with the exception the alcohol and beverages that our clients bring in, all is included.*
*Additional decor may be added by the client or by us upon demand.
**Click here to see more on our packages

Q: Is your venue wheelchair accessible?
A: Sadly, no. We have looked at all feasible ways to retro-fix this issue.

Q: Is there parking in and around the venue?
A: Yes, Canvas Montreal Reception Loft is located in a semi-residential neighbourhood.
Free parking can be found on the streets and parking lots that surround the venue.

Q: Do you require a deposit to reserve a date?
A: Yes, a $1,000 booking fee is required to reserve all dates.

Q: Can we taste the food before we book?
A: Yes! We offer tastings as often as needed. While we wait for covid restrictions to lift, we have temporarily suspended our tasting sessions.

Q: How many choices can we offer our guests for the main meal?
A: We offer you the choice of 2 main course dishes as well as a third dedicated to vegetarian guests.
For all other courses, you must select a menu for all of your guests. (IE: Salad, soup, desert…) OR, select a set menu for all your guests.

Q: Can you help us with DJ, photobooth, flower and decor services?
A: Yes, we can help with all details pertaining to your wedding day with us.

Visit our packages page to see some supliers we reccomend.

Q: When can we arrive…when do you close?
A: We invite all clients to set up the day before as well as picking up any items the following Monday.
We do last call at 2:00 am on the night of your wedding.

Q: Do you add any fees, charges?
A: We have a $3,000 venue fee. That's it!
Canvas does not charge any of the following: Cake-cutting fee, Administration fee, Corkage fee (Bar) , Service fee (Gratuities) Other venues do charge all sorts of additional (and sometimes hidden) fees.

Q: Are you still open during the Covid-19 shut-down period?
A: Yes, we are open and ready to host your event! We are (as always) following all Government health and safety measures pertaining to Covid-19, as outlined by Santé Publique.

We also have a postponement policy and minimum guest count to make it easier on all couples.

Q: We have a wedding booked with Canvas Montreal Loft…What should we do?
A: We will be reaching out to all of our clients and feel free to contact us with any questions. As with the rest of the world, Canvas will do what is asked of us to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Q: What is Canvas Montreal's policy re: Covid-19?
A: As in the past, the booking fee is deemed non-refundable. We do offer a postponement service at no additional charge. That means that we will work with our couples to find a suitable date, should their current one need to be switched due to government restrictions. We fully understand the level of organization involved with planning a wedding under normal circumstances and are there to suport our couples any way we can.